Not much to see here any more.

I used to do a lot of things here, but now I mostly just work and raise the kids, you know?

But look whatcha doing now?

Well I know, well I know.  I used to build a bunch of websites, but not really anymore – and I used to play a lot of hockey – but, COVID, you know – and Tennis, ya not so much anymore.

Now, I am a cyclist (Castelli and Garmin!) and a runner (5:20 m/km on the 10k and garmin HRMs), and bread maker.

Ol' Daddy

Mostly I am a dad to two great little girls, 4 and 7.  Teaching swimming, biking, hiking, camping, roller blading, tennis, and all around not being a jerk.  Learn from my mistakes: listen to coaches, meditate, eat right.  Be healthy #1, and happy #2 … then successful after all that #1 and #2 stuff.

Here is some things I used to do:

A line follower:

A line follower:

Laser gun:

Autonomous IR from 2008

Dirt biking on a 2005 Yamaha TTR 250: